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Decimal To different Base[2-9] Conversion

Decimal to Base2-9 Conversion #decimal #base #convertion Continue reading

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Java SE7 Features

-Binary literals, (using prefix 0b or oB) -Underscores in numeric literals -string in switch statements -type inference for Generic instance creation Map<String, List<String>> myMap = new HashMap<String, List<String>>(); In Java SE 7, you can substitute the parameterized type of the … Continue reading

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delete multiple files and files in windows using command prompt in less time

Take too much to delete too many files folder in window explorer. Using following simple steps to delete files using command prompt with less time use rmdir to delete the files and subfolder, rmdir /s/q MyFolderPath However, it is significantly … Continue reading

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VigLink – Powering content driven commerce

VigLink is the platform on which site-to-site clicks are priced, bought, and sold. VigLink’s content monetization solution connects potential consumers to products by hyperlinking particular keywords in a website’s content. The company’s technology, VigLink Insert, scans a page for words that … Continue reading

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